About Us

SUNY OER Services is a support organization for SUNY institutions looking to build, support, and expand Open Educational programs and practices. We help lower the cost of higher education for students and empower faculty to use course materials most suited to their needs.

We offer

  • user-friendly technology to support adopting, adapting, and building OER course content
  • professional development opportunities, online and on campus
  • networking across faculty and institutions to advance open educational practices
  • support in establishing sustainable OER programs
  • mentoring for faculty and staff
  • guidance around opportunities for recognition, research, and publication related to OER
Our main office is in Milne Library at SUNY Geneseo, though our team is placed strategically on campuses throughout the state as well as the system administration office.

Team Members

  • , Open Educational Resources Executive Director
  • Michael Daly, Campus Strategist, Trainer, Mentor (Fulton-Montgomery Community College)
  • , Digital Publishing Services Manager, SUNY Geneseo
  • Neeta Primo, Faculty Developer (Finger Lakes Community College)
  • ,¬†OER Coordinator, SUNY
  • Michelle Beechey, OER Librarian (Monroe Community College)
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SUNY OER Services SUNY OER Services was founded in 2016 out of a SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grant . It built upon the success of the Open SUNY Textbook project , an open access textbook publishing initiative also funded by IITG investments beginning in 2012. Open SUNY Textbooks published 22 new titles of academic scholarship. SUNY OER Services picked up the mantle of Open SUNY Textbooks, turning to support faculty, librarians, instructional designers, administration, and other staff as Open Educational Resources become more widely used across the system. In 2017, New York state dedicated $4 million towards investment in OER adoption across SUNY. This has led to a rapid increase in awareness and use of open educational practice across our system, which SUNY OER Services is proud to help support. In the 2017-18 academic year
  • 69,000+ students took an OER course
  • 2600+ course sections were identified as OER
  • Almost 600 different course titles were taught using OER
  • 3% of all general education courses went open
  • Students realized $7.8 million in savings
New York state allocated another $4 million towards SUNY OER for the 2018-9 fiscal year. We look forward to even further impact for our students, faculty, and taxpayers.