SUNY OER Services (SOS) operates as part of SUNY’s Office of Library and Information Services. SOS works directly with  SUNY campuses and faculty to provide assistance and knowledge to support the adoption of open educational resources (OER) and sustained use of OER as drivers of faculty choice and student success.

This includes offering a ready-to-adopt course catalog, facilitating the seamless integration of  openly-licensed content into learning management systems, the remixing of openly-licensed content from various sources, the offline (print) production of learning materials, as well as the services and resources of our partners.

Please contact with any questions.

SUNY Geneseo played an important role as an early incubator for exploring the idea of SOS. An extended thanks goes to the administration, faculty, and staff at SUNY Geneseo for embracing this initial model.

SUNY OER Services is committed to ensuring accessibility is incorporated within the design, adoption, and distribution of electronic materials and related platforms. Accessibility regards inclusive engagement for individuals with disabilities, with or without the use of assistive technologies. Consistent with the values of open access and affordability, accessibility design principles improves usability and equitable opportunity.

The content and platforms available at meet or exceed current accessibility standards.

Lumen Learning Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

OLI Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

SUNY campuses and SUNY faculty engaged in the revising, remixing of content available on and/or creating new open content assume the responsibility for proactively adhering to accessibility design principles and practices.   That incurred responsibility includes directly responding to issues that may arise in accordance with SUNY’s Electronic Information Technology Accessibility Policy.

SOS strives to improve the learning experience for everyone by applying the relevant accessibility standards. We welcome feedback, especially related to access barriers. Those requiring additional support or alternative accessible formats, are asked to please email

The services and resources offered by the partners of SUNY OER Services are at no cost to SUNY campuses, faculty, or students.

Lumen Learning Logo

Lumen Learning provides affordable course materials designed to strengthen learning using open educational resources (OER). Lumen works to improve student success, affordability, and access simultaneously applying learning science insights and learning data analysis to develop continuous improvements to its courseware. Adding timely updates, learning design, and technical support to OER, Lumen makes the transition to open content simple, reliable, and effective for instructors and students. Thanks to a partnership with SUNY Lumen’s OER courseware platforms (Waymaker, OHM, and Candela) as well as faculty development opportunities available through Lumen Circles are available at no cost to SUNY faculty and students.

Open Learning Initiative (OLI)

Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative provides “a collection of evidence-based tools and approaches to learning that are proven to boost student success, and enable instructors to be more effective.” Thanks to a partnership with Lumen Learning, all of OLI’s courses are available at no cost to SUNY faculty and students.


rpk GROUP works with SUNY OER Services to support the implementation of  SUNY’s OER Sustainability Framework. by campuses. rpk GROUP also coordinates and leads SUNY’s OER Sustainability cohorts. These two-year process provides structured support to cohorts of 15-20 campuses as campuses develop and implement sustainability plans that are reflective of their campus mission, vision, and culture.

64 ink logo

An imprint of  SUNY Press, 64 ink showcases the work of  faculty from across SUNY, the largest comprehensive system of  higher education in the United States.

SUNY Online Support Services

The SUNY Online Support Services HelpDesk seamlessly connects SUNY faculty, staff, and administrators with SUNY OER Services and/or its partners.  Available over 100 hours a week, the HelpDesk provides a constant level of support for SUNY’s OER efforts. Contact the SUNY HelpDesk with OER questions at

SUNY Center for Professional Development Logo

SUNY’s Center for Professional Developed (CPD) coordinates professional development, training and services for SUNY campuses as well as organizing all OER workshops facilitated by SUNY OER Services.  The CPD also manages processes for SUNY faculty interested in Lumen Circles.

SUNY OER Services offers:

  • User-friendly technology to support adopting, adapting, and building of openly-licensed course content
  • Professional development opportunities, online and on campus
  • Networking across faculty and campuses to advance open educational practices
  • Support in establishing sustainable open education programs
  • Guidance around opportunities for recognition, research, and publication related to open education