SUNY received $4 million from New York State to fund OER for both the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years.

The cumulative impact to date is:

  • 59 SUNY campuses participating in OER initiative
  • 155,000 SUNY students enrolled on OER courses
  • 4,600 OER courses across SUNY
  • 1,000 SUNY faculty teaching OER courses
  • 16 million dollars avoided in course material costs for SUNY students

2018-2019 Funding Overview

Funding was available in three components:

  • Baseline and Course Section
  • OER Degree Program Development and
  • OER Creation Projects

Campuses applied for one, two, or all three funding components.

Baseline and Course Section Funding

This application was completed by the campus OER lead.

Baseline funding of $10,000 was available for any campus adding new OER course sections (5 new OER course sections for campuses with a FTE under 10,000; 9 new OER course sections for campuses with an FTE over 10,000).

Additional funds of $300 per section was available for course sections that exceed the campus minimum. If all sections of a course are converted to OER, the award increased to $500 per section.

OER Degree Program Adoption Funding

This application was completed by the campus OER lead and a letter of acknowledgement was required from department chairs/deans.

Approved proposals for full OER degree programs were eligible for up to $25,000 of funding.

OER Degree Program Funding

Campus-based OER Degree programs received $25,000 in additional funding.

OER Degree Programs Funded and in development:

A.S. in Liberal Arts English and Humanities: Corning Community College

A.S. Liberal Arts in Math and Science: Herkimer Community College

A.A.S.  in Early Childhood Education: Jamestown Community College

A.S. in Liberal Arts Math and Science: SUNY Orange

A.S. in Liberal Arts Social Science: Rockland Community College

A.A.S. in Entrepreneurship: Tompkins Cortland Community College

B.S. in Applied Liberal Arts: SUNY Oneonta

M.A. in Learning and Emerging Technologies: Empire State College

Access an overview of all SUNY OER Degree Programs currently available for review, adoption, and adaption.

OER Creation Funding

Approved proposals for OER creation projects received up to $35,000 in additional funding.

Funded OER Creation Projects

Abnormal Psychology: Sonja Miller, Hudson Valley Community College

Anatomy & Physiology: Ann Miele & Frank Bell, SUNY Adirondack

Foundations of Education: Raymond Siegrist, Thor Gibbins, Julia Baxter, Tasneem Amatullah, Suzanne Swantak-Furman, Rosemarie Avanzato, & Ann Fradkin-Hayslip, SUNY Oneonta

Global Genders and Sexualities” Nadine Fernandez, Empire State College

Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Studies: Deb Amory, Empire State College

Spanish I & II: Maria Montoya, Alejandra Escudero and Elizabeth Small, SUNY Oneonta

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