College Algebra Corequisite

This course is designed to be used as a corequisite solution or as a traditional College Algebra course with plenty of additional support for those students struggling with prerequisite skills. Each module begins with a “Review Topics for Success” section in which critical topics from the developmental algebra series are examined. Additionally, just-in-time review of developmental math concepts appear throughout the text to help those students who need further learning support. The course includes embedded algorithmically generated practice questions, worked-example videos, interactive pathway activities, and a complete set of outcome aligned online assessments through Lumen OHM.

This course was developed by Lumen Learning and Deborah Devlin of Frostburg State University in Maryland. Primary source materials for this course include the OpenStax textbooks, College Algebra and Precalculus by Jay Abramson, et al., Developmental Math an Open Program by Monterey Institute of Technology and Education, and tutorials by James Sousa.

Lumen OER courses apply learning science insights to engage students and better support the learning process. Content includes text, images, videos, assessments, directed feedback, practice questions, and other interactives that invite students to apply their knowledge and improve their understanding. Lumen’s online homework system, OHM, provides frequent practice, machine grading, and immediate feedback to help students learn and master math and other quantitative subjects.

College Algebra Corequisite is available as an OHM course.

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What People Are Saying

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