College Physics

The College Physics 1 course is an algebra-based physics course covering classical mechanics, work, energy, sound, fluid Statics and dynamics, and thermodynamics. The course covers all the topics included in the first semester of College Physics and includes formative assessments with scaffolding and summative assessments at the end of each module.

The course is grounded in real-world examples, interactives, lecture videos, simulations, and scaffolded practice problems all designed in a logical flow. The course also has an introductory module in Mathematics containing essential Trigonometry and Algebra review needed for problem-solving in the course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of Physics is for evaluation purposes. Please review and use any of the modules you wish, as we work in the background to add more interaction and practice opportunities with targeted feedback, aligned with skills.
Modules 4, Motion in One Dimension (Kinematics), and 6, Motion in Two Dimensions, are particular exemplars of the final version. We encourage you to use these modules with your class to get a feel for how this course fits into your overall curriculum and to offer feedback about the content, structure, and usability.
With our commitment to continuous improvement, OLI plans further development efforts at the same time that we also review and incorporate your feedback, to offer an updated version of the full course for Summer 2021 use. At that time, we will continue the development for the final version to be ready for Fall 2021.

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