ConflictU – OLI

Along with CollaborationU, ConflictU is part of the “Collaboration Suite.”

This 1-unit mini-course teaches introductory conflict resolution skills. It is designed to embed in courses with a significant team project component, assigned when student teams are formed. The course challenges the student to lead a team of peers in a real-world situation. Like in real life, the team’s project requires coordinating a wide array of skills, opinions, and personalities. The initial decisions and conflicts the student encounters will shape both the team dynamics and the product the team makes. Students will learn the importance of finding out everyone’s views and feelings, and how to delve deeper and identify the key interests or needs that must be addressed in order to resolve conflicts constructively.

These materials are available as an OLI course.

  • Open Learning Initiative (OLI) courses are designed by learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. They use data and research insights to develop, test, and improve OER course materials that effectively support learning.

This course is available at no cost to SUNY students.

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