Developmental Math Emporium

This course is designed to be used as a solution for schools who would like to offer an emporium style course that covers the developmental math series. As a Waymaker course, Developmental Math Emporium provides plenty of structure for students around the process of studying and mastering learning outcomes. It can be implemented as an emporium style lab course, a self-paced online course, or to help determine placement of a student. The course includes embedded algorithmically generated practice questions, worked-example videos, and a complete set of outcome aligned online assessments.

Brief Table of Contents

  • Module 1: Whole Numbers
  • Module 2: The Language of Algebra
  • Module 3: Integers
  • Module 4: Fractions
  • Module 5: Decimals
  • Module 6: Ratios, Rates, Probabilities, and Averages
  • Module 7: Percents
  • Module 8: Geometry
  • Module 9: Real Numbers
  • Module 10: Linear Equations
  • Module 11: Linear Inequalities
  • Module 12: Exponents
  • Module 13: Polynomials
  • Module 14: Factoring
  • Module 15: Graphs
  • Module 16: Linear Systems
  • Module 17: Rational Expressions and Equations
  • Module 18: Roots and Rational Exponents
  • Module 19: Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers
  • Module 20: Linear Functions and Function Notation
  • Module 21: Quadratic, Polynomial, and Piecewise Functions
  • Module 22: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Module 23: Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Additional Course Features

These course materials include:

  • WaymakerUser-friendly Waymaker learning tools improve success for at-risk students with personalized study plans, automated study tips and nudges, and early alerts to identify and help struggling students. Request access to Waymaker in your LMS.
  • Online Homework Manager (OHM): A flexible, user-friendly math homework system with customizable learning content, assessments, and activities you can tailor to fit your needs. Request an OHM instructor account.
  • Outcome-aligned OER: Designed to replace expensive textbooks, this course curates open educational resources (OER) aligned with learning outcomes. Teach as-is or customize to fit your needs.
  • LMS Integration: This course may be delivered with seamless LMS integration and automatic grade return for Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle.
  • Accessibility: Lumen is 100% committed to providing learning materials that are accessible to all learners. Lumen course materials are mobile-friendly.

Developed By

Deborah Devlin, Frostburg State University in Maryland

Sarah Enoch, Portland State University

Amanda Schwallie, Xavier University

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