Introduction to Genetics – OLI

The Cognitive Tutor for Analysis in Genetics (CTAG) is a more-than-a-decade-long experiment at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) exploring new, effective ways to provide instruction in the area of genetics. Recently, CTAG tutors have been embedded into OLI and have been complemented with expository content as well as robust practice activities. While most won’t consider this a complete course on genetics, it is used at CMU and other schools as a rich supplemental tool to enhance students’ engagement and learning in a variety of contexts, including genetics, biology, and anatomy & physiology.

These materials are available as an OLI course.

  • Open Learning Initiative (OLI) courses are designed by learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. They use data and research insights to develop, test, and improve OER course materials that effectively support learning.

This course is available at no cost to SUNY students.

Why Teach with Open Course Materials?