* Managerial Accounting

The Managerial Accounting course builds on fundamentals learned in financial accounting and teaches tools to accurately compile a company’s internal financial data for decision-making in a timely manner. Managers use these accounting tools to make fiscally responsible decisions regarding the use of resources, personnel, sales, manufacturing, budgets, services, investments, and much more. These tools are used to forecast, strategize and consider the consequences of managerial decisions on cash flow, profits, and the current or potential future financial condition of a company. This course introduces these tools and provides supporting activities to reinforce the information learned within them.

This demo contains three complete modules. The finished course will be available for review and adoption in June 2021.

Each Module will contain:
-Embedded Practice Problems
-Lumen OHM Homework
-Discussion Prompts
-Lumen OHM Pretest
-Lumen OHM Quiz
-PowerPoint Presentations


Module 1: Nature of Managerial Accounting
Managerial Accounting Defined
Classifying Costs
Manufacturing Costs

Module 2: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Cost-Volume-Profit Model
Profitability Analysis
Costing Methods

Module 3: Standard Cost Systems
Standard Costs
Direct Cost Variances
Indirect Cost Variances

Module 4: Allocating Manufacturing Overhead
Single-base System
Multiple-base System
Activity-Based Costing

Module 5: Job Order Costing
Job Order Costing
Accumulating and Assigning Costs
Month-end Reporting

Module 6: Process Costing
Process Costing
Accumulating and Assigning Costs
Month-end Reporting

Module 7: Budgeting for Operations
Operating Budgets
Financial Budgets
Flexible Budgets

Module 8: Short-term Decision Making
Relevant Information
Pricing Decisions
Product Mix

Module 9: Capital Investment Analysis
Capital Budgeting Process
Essential Elements
Basic Capital Budgeting Tools
Basic Capital Budgeting Tools

Module 10: Responsibility Accounting
Responsibility Centers
Managing Performance

Developed By

Joe Cooke, Santa Fe Community College
Mike Zerrahn, Clinton Community College (SUNY)
Robert Danielson, Saint Mary’s College of California
Sherri Pendleton, M.B.A.

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