SUNY Sustainability Overview

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Higher education is enamored with innovation. Colleges and universities are regularly on the lookout for new ideas, products, and processes that can have a transformative impact on their campuses. Colleges and universities are particularly interested in various student success initiatives that have emerged in recent years, including: technology-assisted advising, competency-based education, guided pathways, redesigned first-year experiences, and of course open education resources (OER). But higher education rarely thinks about sustainable innovation. SUNY recognized that sustainability planning should occur at the beginning of the OER initiative, not as a final consideration. As a result, all participating SUNY institutions are required to develop OER sustainability plans. rpk GROUP has worked with the SUNY System Office and OER implementation teams at four institutions to develop a set of resources to assist campuses with OER sustainability planning. In addition to this overview, an OER sustainability Self-Assessment tool, instructive Field Guide, and template-based Planning Guide are also available.

Resources and Guides

OER Field Guide

OER Field Guide

This OER Field Guide provides information and resources to help colleges and universities implement sustainable OER programs on their campuses. Although “sustainability” is often interpreted as the financial resources necessary for continued support, it actually requires a broader conceptualization of resource requirements. The Guide presents a comprehensive OER framework built around ten individual components. When implemented as a coordinated system of integrated activities, it positions colleges and universities to sustain OER well beyond their current state or grant funding initiatives.

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OER Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool

This tool which addresses the specific components detailed in the Field Guide can be used at any point in the development of an OER sustainability plan.

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OER Sustainability Planning guide

Use the planning template in conjunction with the Field Guide to assist in developing a sustainability plan for your campus.

SUNY OER Sustainability Case Studies

Download Hudson Sustainability plan

The State University of New York’s Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) is a public associate’s degree granting community college that serves about 11,000 undergraduate students.

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The State University of New York at Fredonia (Fredonia) is a public master’s degree granting University with about 4,400 undergraduate students (4,600 total students).

Download Canton Sustainability PDF

The State University of New York at Canton (SUNY Canton) is a public bachelor’s degree granting college serving about 3,800 undergraduate students.

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The University at Albany (UAlbany) is a public research university with about 13,500 undergraduate students (17,700 total students).