• SUNY’s Ready-to-Adopt Catalog: SUNY OER Services offers over 120 easily customizable courses. All are aimed at empowering faculty choice and improving student learning. All content and platforms in this catalog are available at no cost to SUNY faculty and students.
  • Lumen Circles Fellowship: Belonging & Inclusive Teaching Fundamentals:
    • Lumen Circles Fellowships provide opportunities for SUNY faculty (full and part-time) who are either using or considering using open educational resources to connect with other faculty members and explore and reflect on effective instructional practices that support student success and apply them in their own teaching. Lumen Circles Fellowships and Success Accelerator are available at no cost to SUNY faculty and campuses. Interested faculty can find more information and steps to apply for a fellowship.
  • Self-Paced Course: Exploration of Belonging for Educators
    • Lumen’s self-paced virtual workshop, Exploration of Belonging for Educators: Creating a Sense of Belonging to Support Student Success and Well-Being, aligns with SUNY’s commitment to building a more inclusive community that encourages persistence, completion, and success for all SUNY students—regardless of background, program of study, or campus. This self-paced online workshop is appropriate for and available at no cost to SUNY faculty and staff who engage with students, such as instructors, librarians, instructional designers, advisors, and student success staff.
  • SUNY Online: SUNY’s OER catalog is designed for use in any modality of teaching and learning. For SUNY faculty using these resources in online or remote courses, a collection of resources is available.
  • Transitioning Lumen and OLI Courseware in Brightspace.
  • OER Community Courses: These courses are legacy OER offerings. Their content and accessibility rating are not maintained or updated by Lumen Learning or SUNY OER Services. Epub and printable PDFs of the content are not supplied.
  • SUNY Digital Repository (SDR): SDR provides a secure location for SUNY campuses and faculty to store and share OER. If you are interested in contributing to the SUNY Digital Repository, please submit a request through the Support portal.
  • SUNY OER Training CoursesSUNY’s OER Training Courses introduce the fundamental principles and effective practices related to Open Educational Resources.

These resources are especially useful for individuals who have been designated by their campus to be a SUNY OER Champion.